Alix Emery

Based London, UK
Alix Emery


I am a young interdisciplinary artist who lives and works in London and Dorset. I have recently graduated from Central Saint Martins and have had my work exhibited in a number of group shows across the United Kingdom including the Tate Saint Ives, The Truman Brewery, Birmingham Hippodrome and The Medicine Gallery. My work explores conflict in everyday micro politics. Looking at the body as a territory and who occupies it, I try to embody emotional states that populate it through consumptive relationships. Outside (wastelands and post-apocalyptic) landscapes come inside to a sick body and question the body’s compliance or resistance on an individual and communal scale and the means we deploy to control these bodies both physically and culturally. The body is presented as both monstrous and architectural, combining the built environment with the fantasy of horror.

The pieces perform but descend into everyday tragicomic situations and end up as wastage. These tragedies fall into physical messes and take the form of black comedy. The self-reflexive “painting about painting” theory is experimented with a class clown attitude. Parodies ensue in a disruptive, naïve method. The combination of comedy and horror offers a critique of contemporary society and its underlying fears and desires concerning our own bodies.  

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  • Achievements & Goals

    • Graduating from Central Saint Martins
    • Winning Le Grand Prix LVMH Scholarship in Fine Art in 2017
    • Illustrating two publications for Culture Matters and being a contributing illustrator for their digital platform
    • Having residencies with i o u a e and Karnst in Plymouth
    • Being able to practice as an artist after graduating
    • To be able to make more work and develop it further
  • Genre & Style

    • Most of my work comes from drawing and takes on an abject and day to day, anti-art style
  • Inspiration & Vision

    • Talking, emotions, and relationships
  • Sales & Trajectory

    • Have had several commissions
    • Have sold self-published playing cards at Tender Books, London
    • Self funded
  • Technique & Material

    • The materiality of my work is led by collecting things from daily life. This includes vacuums, the flight paths of flies around a room, pipes and shit stains, stale bread, the digital word, Pinterest mood aesthetics and lives led by algorithms


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