Damaris Athene

Based Cambridge, UK
Damaris Athene


Born in Bristol, lives and works in Cambridge. BA (Hons) Camberwell College of Arts 2015.

My practice explores corporeality and abstraction of the human form. Julia Kristeva’s writings on the abject fascinate me and I play with the push and pull of seduction and disgust she speaks of, confronting our shared mortality and the notion of our bodies as pure matter. In my work the body becomes unrecognisable, re-appropriating images from medicine, vastly changing scale or digitally manipulating body parts. Scientific imagery is imbued with emotional value and discussion is provoked.

When I was younger I wanted to be a doctor. Biology fascinated me and one of the things I enjoyed the most was drawing diagrams! I had always been creative, but as I did more art at school my interest and passion grew. Now I cannot imagine doing anything else and have an insatiable urge to create.   


  • 2015: BA Painting (Fine Art), Camberwell College of Arts, London, UK
  • 2011: Foundation in Art & Design, Falmouth University, Falmouth, UK

Selected Exhibitions & Awards

  • 2019: Cheer Up Love, Peterhouse, Cambridge University, Cambridge, UK
  • 2019: Trauma, Stantonbury Gallery, Milton Keynes, UK
  • 2019: John Hughes Arts Festival, Jesus College, Cambridge, UK
  • 2019: Selected Open, Michaelhouse, Cambridge, UK
  • 2018: I Shall Walk Softly There, Wigan S.T.E.A.M., Wigan, UK
  • 2018: Present, Perfect, Continuous, Zverev Contemporary Art Centre, Moscow, Russia
  • 2018: Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair, Woolwich Royal Arsenal, London, UK
  • 2018: Beep Painting Prize 2018, Swansea College of Art, Swansea, UK
  • 2018: PrintFest Sevenoaks, Sevenoaks Kaleidoscope Gallery, Kent, UK
  • 2018: Creative Reactions, St Barnabas Church, Cambridge, UK
  • 2018: Rejuvenation, UNA Gallery at St Mary’s Works, Norwich, UK
  • 2018: AWOMENfest, DIY Space for London, London, UK
  • 2018: John Hughes Arts Festival, Jesus College, Cambridge, UK
  • 2018: Winter Blues, The Cass Art Space, London, UK
  • 2018: Queen’s Arts Festival, Queen’s College, Cambridge, UK
  • 2018: Beep Painting Prize (Shortlisted), Swansea, UK
  • 2017: Lovely in Her Bones, St Barnabas Gallery, Cambridge, UK
  • 2017: Open Exhibition, Hot Numbers, Cambridge, UK
  • 2017: Winter 2017 at St Barnabas Press, St Barnabas Gallery, Cambridge, UK
  • 2017: Platform for Emerging Arts 15, Leyden Gallery, London, UK
  • 2017: Open Studios 2017, St Barnabas Press, Cambridge, UK
  • 2017: White Clouds with Ink, The Blue Moon, Cambridge, UK
  • Press

    • 2018: Damaris Athene interview, Art Reveal Magazine no.38, April 2018, p.6-11; ISBN 9781388503475
    • 2018: A5 Magazine, Portfolio #10, January
    • 2017: Camberwell College of Arts Blog, ‘IN THE KNOW: Alumna Damaris Athene’s solo show, Lovely In Her Bones’, 2nd June
    • 2016: Camberwell College of Arts Blog, ‘CAMBERWELL CAMEO: Damaris Athene’s Epidermal Dress Exhibition’, 27th April
    • 2015: Camberwell College of Arts Blog, ‘Power To The People? by Damaris Athene’, 15th June
    • 2015: Art & Music Magazine, ‘New Era Estates’, Issue 29 - Spring, interviewing Barby Asante, Laura Oldfield Ford & Jordan McKenzie


    • Internationally exhibited

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    • Achievements & Goals

      • Solo show in Cambridge, 2017
      • Participation in 'Platform for Emerging Arts #15' at the Leyden gallery, 2017
      • Solo show at Wigan S.T.E.A.M., April 2018
      • Spending more time on my practice and run arts workshops
    • Genre & Style

      • I explore the corporeality and abstraction of the human form
      • I re-appropriate images from medicine
      • I work mainly in paint but am keen to start exploring sculpture
    • Inspiration & Vision

      • The body, abstraction, Julia Kristeva's writings on the abject, Berlinde de Bruckyere, Francis Bacon, Beatrice Haines
      • Biology, medicine, anatomy, microscopic images, the intangible, subtlety, mortality, derelict buildings, decaying vegetative matter, science
      • Transparency & translucency
    • Sales & Trajectory

      • Sold several of her works
      • Self-financed through different jobs
    • Technique & Material

      • Oil paint on canvas/linen/MDF
      • Sometimes applied very thinly in layers and blended
      • Sometimes thickly applied with a palette knife


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