Danni Pantel

Based Berlin, Germany
Danni Pantel


Danni Pantel grew up in Erlangen. She lives and works in Berlin. The following text refers to her solo exhibition at Galerie Duve Berlin in 2017.

Coincidence and Intention or the Will to Dance

The word coincidence - in its origin, means something that falls upon one or in the language of the mystics, a fortuity of something divine or incomprehensible, a finding you never searched for.

Today we might speak of coincidence as an extended form of intuition. Trusting everything that is, trusting your thoughts and trusting your needs.

This extended form of intuition is found in Danni Pantel’s paintings, an abstract space where the definition of a concept has not yet formed. Combining the will for composition through the desired movement, she takes us into a cosmos that can be felt rather than told.

By following her flowing, visual movements, we open up to our own intuition.

From the dab images of a Victor Hugo, to the drip paintings by Jackson Pollock or the exploding spray cans of Roman Signer; Danni Pantel combines these techniques and reinterprets them between control and the loss of it.

This play between coincidence and intuition or the will to dance makes Danni Pantel’s work very contemporary and shows her courage to claim her position in this field, dominated mostly by men, very effortlessly. She manages to effortlessly distinguish her work from any gender issues.


HBK Braunschweig, Germany

Selected Exhibitions & Awards

  • 2017: Solo exhibition, Serendipitous Intention, DUVE Gallery Berlin | Berlin, Germany
  • 2017: Group exhibition, kolleg•tief, Kunstverein Kölnberg | Köln, Germany
  • 2017: Solo exhibition, Galeries Lafayette, Galeries Lafayette | Berlin, Germany
  • 2016: Group exhibition, kolleg•tief Launch, kolleg•tief studio | Berlin, Germany
  • 2016: Solo exhibition, Oldtimer Garage | Herzogenaurach, Germany
  • 2016: Group exhibition, Brick Lane Gallery | London, United Kingdom
  • 2016: Solo exhibition, Alte Münzfabrik | Berlin, Germany


  • Exhibited in renowned institutions
  • Internationally exhibited
  • Represented in top-class private collection
  • Achievements & Goals

    • I am proud of my decision to move away from my safety plan to study business to fully commit to my art.
    • I am very grateful for everything that happened in the past three years and I hope that also in the future I can spend as much time possible painting.
    • I would love to live and work in LA or in New York for a time. I just need to save up some money for that first.
  • Genre & Style

    • I paint abstract works, am very interested in material, form and color and their interplay.
    • As I express a lot of my thoughts and feelings in my rather intuitive work, maybe you could call it expressionist.
  • Inspiration & Vision

    • Everything around me, my everyday life, stories, energies, emotions, dreams, nature
  • Sales & Trajectory

    • Self-financed through selling work and working little side jobs
  • Technique & Material

    • Oil, charcoal, graphit, acrylic, lacquer, spray paint

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