Florence Sweeney

Based London, UK
Florence Sweeney


I am based in London and my studio is in my house in Tottenham.

My practice over the last 5 years has been strongly focused on abstraction and ambiguity. The work is autobiographical but now I understand these soft like tactile surfaces which are in fact hard are surfaces that I have been hiding behind.

I am drawn to abstract art as it lets the viewer decode the artwork from their own personal references and semiotics. It has been a perfect time to develop my problematic autobiographical works with these sculptural / paintings.

The fabric appearance is representation of multiple things, initially by researching Renaissance art paintings of drapery was a means for the masters to be experimental with abstraction.

The cloth being a reoccurring form plays with the idea of "Being cut from the same Cloth" or "Whole Cloth." This representing my deceased mother, I wasn't aware until my early 20's we had a very similar hand and style in our art practice. This being one of the very few connections that I share with her.

The cloth became a veil with the ideology of "the thinnest part of the veil" between the living and the spiritual realm. A division between us, concealment, the illusion, dreamlike metaphysical spaces that are developed by the casted folds and ripples of the pigmented surfaces. I develop the paints from milling pigments with mediums and applying to jesmonite or latex.

My practice is at a pivotal point of pursuing the difficult themes in my history, I am falling down the rabbit hole. My only means of processing trauma and grief and for this Psychoanalysis plays a big part in my work. My work may appear beautiful on the surface but it's harbouring anger and frustration. I am at a point in my practice where I have to give light to some of these things and it's difficult.

Moving my studio to the home was a positive decision after being at multiple studios in London which with increasing rents, demolitions of location for 3 bed luxury homes and general distractions... I am able to be immersive with texts I'm reading, work late on works and play music however I like.

  • Achievements & Goals

    • My solo show at Lily Brooke Gallery 'The Impressions That Remain' in 2017
    • The Espositivo Residency 7B in Madrid which lead on to further opportunities such as a group show ARENA in 2018 and SWAB Art Fair in Barcelona 2018
    • My dream is to be able to find my voice within my work and be able to project it in creating work that resonates with people
    • With my particular story I want to be able to make a difference and call for justice where it hasn't been met
  • Genre & Style

    • Emotive, abstract, brooding, ruminating, melancholia, autobiographical, etherial, sexual, tactile, minimal, visceral, ambiguous, symbology, playful...
  • Inspiration & Vision

    • Reading books or essays, history, feminism and biographies of artists, podcasts, psychoanalysis and art, walking, stories of people and people in general
  • Sales & Trajectory

    • Already sold works
    • Self-financed
  • Technique & Material

    • I use materials such as jesmonite for casting in aluminium and mill my own paints with pigments
    • I paint from liquid latex in developing my own material with organic matter embedded which are suspended from steel structures that are welded

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