Oliver Guyon

Based Winslow, UK
Oliver Guyon


Oliver Guyon has graduated from Bath School of Art & Design in 2017.

Informed by minimalism and the alchemy of painting, Oliver Guyon is investigating the contemporary relevance of a Venetian Palette. Using raw materials derived from nature, the genetics of surface relate directly to the landscape. By means of traditional processes and materials, works are characterised by the chromatic intensity of natural colour. With a focus on individual colours, these are paintings explore the subtle differences in behaviour between seemingly similar materials. It is through the process of making paint that one can better understand the chemistry of colours, their inherent transparency or opaqueness, their viscosity or fluidity. Painterly surfaces that bridge the gap between artwork and wall, and explore the tension between two-dimensional image and three-dimensional object. A complexly simple format, that reduces visual complexity while simultaneously extending the tonality and physicality of paint. A full saturation of colour is achieved through an accumulation of procedures enacted in different encounters with the work. Rhythmic actions repeatedly performed on the canvas build a sense of unity between materials, object and the self. Paint that runs beyond the confines of the canvas objectifying time and the effects of process. The format of these paintings is dictated by the magnitude of scale, an explicit representation of the Golden Section. Each iterance in scale implements an augmented amplitude of space, whilst the interior square remains proportionately the same size.  With an emphasis on chromatic unity present in venetian painting, images explore the perception and depth of colour, probing at philosophical ideas with paint.

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  • Achievements & Goals

    • Being shortlisted for The Graduate Art Prize in 2017, and Beep Painting Prize in 2018
    • To exhibit internationally, to have work in the collections of famous institutions
  • Genre & Style

    • Expanded painting, minimalism, process painting
  • Inspiration & Vision

    • Great painters inspire painters. I have a particular interest in anything 'Expanded Painting'
    • I really love work that utilises the materials of painting and pushes the boundaries of what a painting can be, works that conceptually favour painting
    • Minimalism and Venetian Painting
    • More than all this, a pure adoration for the materials of painting
  • Sales & Trajectory

    • Already sold works
    • Self-funded
  • Technique & Material

    • Medieval painting techniques: I make paint bound in Tempera and natural resins
    • I also have been know to collect and refine materials into pigment

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