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Digital Archival Series

Discover new original drawing series by Natalia Gonzalez Martin, promising emerging artist from London. The series displays objects of interest as a commentary in our understanding of history.

Contemporary Collage

Discover new original collages by Alix Emery, promising interdisciplinary artist from London. Her artworks offer a way to explore conflict in everyday micro politics.



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Contemporary Drawings & Works on Paper

Contemporary Drawings

Drawing is one of the oldest existing forms of visual arts that has evolved through various periods of human history, art movements and theories. It is one of the most efficient techniques of visual communication transporting ideas and emotions through a wide range of motifs, perspectives and techniques. Then and now drawings are continuing to be works of art which use paper as their support. Due to this drawings are usually presented in curated collections alongside other works on paper.

Although drawing has been present throughout many historical periods, its forms started to diversify in the nineteenth century. Starting with the development of technical drawing in the industries like engineering and architecture, further industrial and technological progress encouraged the development of editorial illustration, animation and cartooning.

Artistic drawing established as an independent form of art and often allows an affordable way to set-up a valuable art collection. Though drawings by famous artists belong to the so-called auction masters , contemporary drawings by emerging artist can develop into an art investment.


Featured Artwork

Artist: Habib Hajallie (London UK)

Artwork Title: Ghetto

Contemporary Collages

The term "collage" describes both the technique and the artwork that consists of pieces of paper, photographs, fabric and other elements that are arranged and combined on a supporting surface.  

The original term derives from the French term papiers collés (or découpage). This technique consisted of pasting paper cut-outs onto various surfaces. As drawings and works on paper began to gain more attention as an art form, collage was recognized as an artistic technique at the beginning of the twentieth century.

A contemporary collage can also include other media like painting, portions of other artwork or texts, contain 3d elements or even be composed digitally.

More and more emerging artists and art-makers take their own approach and modernize the collage technique transforming even more multidimensional expressions into their work of art.


Featured Artwork

Artist: Alix Emery (London UK, Central Saint Martins)

Artwork Title: Succour

Mixed Forms & Techniques

Over the past decade there has been further public and artistic interest in drawing which has embraced much more than figuration. During the ninetieth emerging artists broke significantly from the tenets of modernism. Contemporary drawing has been energised by the vast distribution and easy sharing of imagery through electronic devices. Internet and social media also keep playing a major part in the artistic growth of contemporary drawing sharpening its way of thoughts, ideas and impulses.

The new variety of artistic options influenced the usage of the traditional instruments like graphite pencils, pen and ink, various kinds of paints, inked brushes, colored pencils, crayons, charcoal, chalk and pastels. Contemporary drawings and works on paper often feature a new mix of instruments and surfaces like cardboard, wood, plastic, leather and canvas. Especially emerging artists keep challenging drawing as an art form. Discover and buy original, unique drawings from our worldwide community of emerging artists from the best artschools all over the world. Get inspired!


Featured Artwork

Artist: Natalia Gonzalez Martin (London UK, City & Guilds of London Art School)

Artwork Title: Digital Archival Series #4

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