Danni Pantel

Based Berlin, Germany
Danni Pantel


I am Danni Pantel. I grew up in Erlangen and moved to Berlin eight years ago. I work professionally as an artist since 2016. I share a studio space with my friend Theresa Volpp in Pankow. I had a little show at Alex Duve's new gallery space at his private opening in November 2018. In June I had a show in Ibiza where the other half of my family lives. I try to spend as much time painting in Ibiza as well but Berlin will stay my base.

After my Abitur I worked for several Start Ups in Hamburg and Berlin. Then I decided to study business. After a few years I just missed painting too much so I decided to take a gap semester just to paint. And then I never went back to doing anything else. I organized some shows with friends on my own. Then I met Anna Lüpertz and Markus Keibel, then Alexander Duve. They turned out to be close friends and important mentors for me. I had my first big solo show at Galerie Duve Berlin in November 2017 and Alex Duve and me are still working together as agent and artist. 

  • Achievements & Goals

    • I am proud of my decision to move away from my safety plan to study business to fully commit to my art.
    • I am very grateful for everything that happened in the past three years and I hope that also in the future I can spend as much time possible painting.
    • I would love to live and work in LA or in New York for a time. I just need to save up some money for that first.
  • Genre & Style

    • I paint abstract works, am very interested in material, form and color and their interplay.
    • As I express a lot of my thoughts and feelings in my rather intuitive work, maybe you could call it expressionist.
  • Inspiration & Vision

    • Everything around me, my everyday life, stories, energies, emotions, dreams, nature
  • Sales & Trajectory

    • Self-financed through selling work and working little side jobs
  • Technique & Material

    • Oil, charcoal, graphit, acrylic, lacquer, spray paint

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