Frederic Anderson

Based London, UK
Frederic Anderson


I make abstract drawings about the process of drawing itself. Using a range of techniques such as drawing from life, blind drawing and automatic drawing, I try to cultivate an abstract way of looking. This involves trying not to get distracted by what something might 'mean' or any value or personal narrative it might hold for me whilst drawing. Instead I look for purely formal relationships between light and dark shapes, positive and negative space - the more transitory or fleeting the better.


What drives the work is the idea of the intrinsically withdrawn and fundamentally inaccessible 'real' and the mystifying, confusing and ever-changing appearance of things. I feel like if only I can bring a sufficient level of concentration, focus and engagement to the act of drawing, I might finally scratch the surface of appearances and begin to glimpse something real underneath. In that sense they are about failure, about trying and failing to arrive at and capture the real. They are also about translation, about how drawn marks approximate written language and about how the process of drawing can transform things into something else - and the loss and extrapolation that often entails. These forces, translation and loss, extrapolation, reduction and failure - as well as residues of meaning caught in fragmented marks - chase each other across the works until a sense of balance or temporary reconciliation is achieved.

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