Heiko Tiemann

Based Düsseldorf, Germany
Heiko Tiemann


I am an artist primarily working in the field of photography. I have studied psychology and then fine art at the Royal College of Art. I get my inspiration from everyday life as I am a kind of flaneur and observer. To really seeing the world around oneself is the most amazing thing one can experience.

Dr. Barbara Honrath, Goethe Institute Paris:

"In Heiko Tiemann's work the determining element is the connection between the mediumistic units of photography and the uncanny. It is no coincidence that familiar friends, i.e. things that surround us or surrounded us and which we consider familiar often have the connection with the absurd and strangeness in his photographs. All at once the everyday seems to us to be odd and strange by being transformed into a photo. In this context strange is an appropriate term to describe that thickening of the atmosphere that Tiemann is trying to achieve in his work. To aim for an openness with regard to possible interpretations with at the same time an intense, almost unpleasant presence. This interplay between openness and the picture's own independent strength is the connecting point where an image reaches its greatest animation because it builds up an intense relationship with the observers imagination. On closer examination of such pictures it hits us like a shock. How can something so mundane give off such a threatening appearance? In addition to this, his subjects cannot be classified and are not specific. Individual characters of course go in a specific direction, but he led this direction disappear into the void quite consciously. Nothing is then clear any more and the observer loses his sense of security. These places only attain their uniqueness by the shifted juxtapositions within the area of pictures. I would like to describe these shifted characters as questions within a picture. If at first glance you think that it is not important where the pictures came from, just the opposite is the case. It is only by filtering out the atmosphere of a quite specific environment that the artist can position the characters precisely and let this flow in subliminally. It is only by intermingling the characters that define the picture and thus also opposing tendencies that a double of reality arises with the picture, which is also neither clear or uncomplicated. The picture is, compared with reality, extremely reduced and denser and can therefore align its strength in certain ways without forfeiting its honesty. Heiko Tiemann's work is best described as a process. A process during which always reaching an intensity, a depth of imagination plays a great part. The more a picture manages to entangle the observer in a network of questions, suppositions and fears, the more it fulfills the process of self-reflection."


  • 2002 - 2004: Postgraduate Photography at the Royal College of Art (MA/Mphil/PhD Photography Dept), dissertation with distinction, London, UK
  • BA course, London College of Printing
  • Photography studies, Folkwang Hochschule Essen, Diploma with Distinction in 2001

Selected Exhibitions & Awards

  • 2018: Group exhibition, 72. Internationale Bergische Kunstausstellung, Kunstmuseum Solingen, Germany (upcoming)
  • 2018: Group exhibition, Meine Rechte, deine Rechte, Ausstellung im Lichthof des Auwärtigen Amtes Berlin
  • 2018: Group exhibition, Meine Rechte, deine Rechte, Ausstellung des Nürnberger Menschenrechtzentrums, Kreis Galerie Nürnberg
  • 2018: Group exhibition, Neue Heimat, Galerie im Wissenschaftspark Gelsenkirchen
  • 2017: Solo exhibition, Die im Dunkeln, Kunstmuseum Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany
  • 2017: Group exhibition, Hellerau Photographic Award, Germany
  • 2017: Group exhibition, Royal Photographic Society International Print Exhibition, Old Truman Brewery, London, UK
  • 2017: Group exhibition, Festival Fotografischer Bilder Regensburg, Germany
  • 2016: Group exhibition, Singapore International Photo Festival 2016, Singapore
  • 2016: Group exhibition, Organ Vida Photofestival 2016, Zagreb, Croatia
  • 2016: Group exhibition, Kuala Lumpur Photoawards 2016, Malaysia
  • 2016: Group exhibition, Pixelprojekt Ruhrgebiet Neuaufnahmen 2015/2016 Wissenschaftspark Gelsenkirchen (upcoming)
  • 2016: Group exhibition, Kolga Tbilisi Photofestival, Tbilisi, Georgia
  • 2016: Group exhibition, Circulation(s) Festival, Paris/France
  • 2016: Group exhibition, Portraits - Hellerau Photography Award 2016, Festspielhaus Hellerau, European Center of Arts Dresden
  • 2016: Winner juror award Kuala Lumpur International Photoawards


  • we are vandals, issue #01
  • Der Greif #8, magazine for photography and literature
  • "Boutographies 2015", catalogue
  • "Shots - portfolio issue", winter 2014
  • "Shots" issue 124, summer 2014
  • "Shots", issue 117 portraits, autumn 2012
  • 11 boutographies, isbn 978-2-9539017-0-2


  • Represented in renowned public collections (Hamburger Kunsthalle, Germany; National Portrait Gallery London, UK)
  • Award winner
  • Internationally exhibited

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  • Achievements & Goals

    • My biggest achievement is to preserve my artistic independency and freedom
    • Being able to follow my ambitions and goals and being thankful and humble
    • To being able to continue with my work and to dig deeper
  • Genre & Style

    • As I am fascinated with reality and how photography transforms it I am very much grounded in what I can see
    • A kind of magic realism perhaps
  • Inspiration & Vision

    • My curiosity and my unforeseeable walk through life. Honestly, I cannot pinpoint what exactly inspires me. Life is an amazing journey and I had always the ability to transform any kind of ennui into something special. I am thankful for that.
  • Sales & Trajectory

    • Already sold works
    • I am working as a lecturer in photography as well as in other fields relating to the arts so I can sustain working as an artist
  • Technique & Material

    • I am using all sorts of technical equpiment, digital and analog
    • As I had a very good training in all kinds of techiques (photography, painting, moving image, time based art etc.) I use those quite intuitively

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