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Contemporary Drawings
Art Market

Contemporary Drawings By Magdalena Olyukova

In the past contemporary drawings were usually treated as less valuable artworks than paintings. Recently they seem to be enjoying a renaissance among art enthusiasts. According to Artprice the auction prices for drawings by established artists have been rising for 5 years. The popularity of contemporary drawings is also increasing. What are contemporary drawings? What other kinds of works on paper are popular among art lovers? Which fairs show drawings by contemporary and emerging artists?
The Millennial Generation
Art Market

The Millennial Generation By Magdalena Olyukova

Millennials leave a formative stamp on the way art is seen, bought and collected. But what do millennial art buyers and collectors do differently? What’s behind the surprising affinity of millennials to the art market?
Interview with Vishal Kumar, Data Science @The Bartlett, UCL
Art Market

Interview with Vishal Kumar, Data Science @The Bartlett, UCL By Katharina Wenzel-Vollenbroich

Data Science and Visualization @The Bartlett, UCL | Previously Data Scientist @Sotheby’s   Hi Vishal, thanks for speaking to us today, to start wi...

Collector Trend: Still Life

Collector Trend: Still Life By Janine Wixforth

For centuries painters have been depicting inanimate objects from their direct surrounding such as flowers, rocks, food or vases. Still life is probably one of the most popular genres ever. Today, still life continues to be a very vibrant genre and is often produced with a range of different media such as photography, digital graphics, and even video.
Best Cities for Emerging Artists

Best Cities for Emerging Artists By Arron Westbrook

We have come up with a list of the best cities for emerging artists that are interesting alternatives to the great cultural hotspots like London and New York where artists are forced to live out the cliche of the starving artist. Our listed cities not only offer vibrant art scenes but the possibility for artists to really focus on creating without being distracted by financial issues.
How to start an art collection

How to start an art collection By Janine Wixforth

Whether you’re investing in old masters, well-established contemporaries, or the latest video pieces, collecting art can be a risky process. For most people, the trouble comes when trying to start a collection and invest in art on a budget. How to make sure the money you invest into your art collection, even if it is on a small-budget basis, is well spent?
Interview with Tim Ralson and Diana Cerezino, PADA Studios
Art Market

Interview with Tim Ralson and Diana Cerezino, PADA Studios By Katharina Wenzel-Vollenbroich

To begin with, Tim and Diana, could you introduce yourselves? Tim: We are both artists - painters, to be more specific. Diana is from Lisbon and mo...

Artworks inspired by nature

Artworks inspired by nature By Janine Wixforth

A long, satisfying walk in the forest, a quick dip in the pond, a short nap underneath a coconut tree or the great feeling of warm wind slightly b...

Artist Interview: Millie Kelly

Artist Interview: Millie Kelly By Katharina Wenzel-Vollenbroich

Millie Kelly is a London-based artist, originally from Teignmouth, Devon. Her paintings are purposefully seen as ‘kitsch’ lying somewhere between f...

Should I Invest in Art on Trends or Personal Taste?

Should I Invest in Art on Trends or Personal Taste? By BoostCommerce Collaborator

With art sales in 2016 exceeding $45billion (according to the 2017 TEFAF market report), an increase 1.7% increase over 2015, and a further increas...

Interview with Jacqueline Uhlmann, LISTE art fair
Art Market

Interview with Jacqueline Uhlmann, LISTE art fair By Katharina Wenzel-Vollenbroich

We have spoken to Jacqueline Uhlmann, Head of Fair Management at LISTE art fair about her job, the status of art fairs in today's art market and th...

Interview with Vanessa Murrell and Martin Mayorga, DATEAGLE ART

Interview with Vanessa Murrell and Martin Mayorga, DATEAGLE ART By BoostCommerce Collaborator

We have spoken with Vanessa Murrell and Martin Mayorga about what they're up to with DATEAGLE ART, our recently announced partner, and their vision...

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