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A word from our founder

It’s so difficult even for really talented artists to gain a foothold in the art market. We’re passionate about art and long to create a great environment for tomorrow’s masters.

At ARTPIQ we want to democratise the market and connect collectors with rising artists at an early stage.

Our mission is to create a unique platform that connects a new generation of art collectors with emerging artists.

Katharina Wenzel-Vollenbroich

founder & ceo


More than an online art gallery

ARTPIQ is an innovative online art gallery model for emerging and contemporary art. Why are we not the usual online art gallery? We at ARTPIQ handpick only the best emerging talents that we believe in. Our artists have all studied at renowned art schools, follow a long-term vision for their artistic practice and are already on their way to a rising market acceptance. What makes buying art online with ARTPIQ so exciting is that you can discover rising talents that are still under the radar but could very well be the next Picassos, Richters & Warhols! We build a bridge between yet undiscovered early-career artists and collectors who want to be sure to acquire something special and of future value.

Why buy art online? We at ARTPIQ believe that the online art market offers amazing new possibilities for both artists and collectors. Collectors can become the first ones to discover a wide range of young international artists that are not represented by traditional galleries yet and can therefore buy art online at an affordable price now that might be worth a multiple thereof in future. For artists selling with ARTPIQ is a way to kick-start their career on a qualitative platform and get connected with collectors all over the world.

From abstract paintings and fine art photography to affordable drawings and sculpture, we provide you with a unique and carefully assembled selection of the best emerging art by promising artists from around the globe. Some collectors start off with one medium such as painting, others focus on collecting a particular style like figurative or abstract art and some simply buy what they love. We at ARTPIQ want you to find the perfect artwork to fall in love with that is catered to your preferences. To support and guide you in buying art online with us, don’t hesitate to make use of our free Art Advisory services!


ARTPIQ helps collectors to find unique artworks by
the best upcoming artists around the globe

Discover tomorrow's art stars!

original art

100% original

All of our artworks are 100% original. From paintings, to video, to sculpture — No posters, no copies, just outstanding original art by some of the world’s best upcoming artists.

new art faces

100% new faces

We scout the globe to find the most remarkable upcoming artists. With Artpiq, you know you’re going to purchase art by hand-selected young faces.

simple art investment

Simple investment

We provide all the information about all of our artists, their education and credentials, through their personalised artist pages. Discover their background before you invest.

art platform


We believe you should be able to collect and invest in the best art, wherever you are in the world. From London to Shanghai, discover work by the world’s best young artists.

What do our collectors say?

Hanna Fleig Corporate Development / M&A Sixt

I just love the opportunity of buying art by artists that I would have never met without ARTPIQ. I live in Munich and now own a piece of art by a London based artist that just graduated. How cool is that?

Art collector Darya Shklyar
Darya Shklyar Collector

I love ARTPIQ and the concept is so straight forward and the artists are very well chosen. I bought a Bislacchi work after I got the second newsletter, and it won't have been my last one. Thank you for the great service.

Art collector Christopher Larson
Christopher Larson Christopher Larson Photography

As a photographer I understand the difficulty of getting started and recognized as an artist. ARTPIQ is providing a solution that I wish existed for photographers as well. Great young artists, plus access to markets and funding, should lead to success for everyone.

Art collector Pascal
Pascal Collector

My experience with ARTPIQ was simply amazing: at every moment from order to delivery, they gave me the feeling I was acquiring something very special and they took meticulous care of everything!

Art collector Nadine Hellmann
Nadine Hellmann Founder & CEO little tummy

Ever since I found out about ARTPIQ, I have been browsing the artists' pages - looking at the new talents. I am excited for the investment part that will be launching soon.

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Delivery & Returns


Artworks are professionally packaged by us or the artist. Packaging and delivery method will vary according to the type of work. Shipping is free for any artwork. 


If you are a customer living in the European Union, the legal return period is 14 days after receipt of your order. Please note that returns are only possible if in accordance with the Terms & Conditions. If you want to return an item please contact us via first. Please note that you cannot return the artwork without contacting us beforehand, as in this case the artwork will not be insured. ARTPIQ is not responsible for any damages or loss occurring through unauthorised return shipping and will in this case not be able to release your refund.


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