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Top 10 (emerging) artist Instagrams to follow in 2019
Emerging Artists

Top 10 (emerging) artist Instagrams to follow in 2019 By Janine Wixforth

We show you 10 of our favourite accounts that you should follow this year to stay on top of the up and coming contemporary art scene:  1. Donna Hu...

Inspired by nature
Emerging Artists

Inspired by nature By Janine Wixforth

A long, satisfying walk in the forest, a quick dip in the pond, a short nap underneath a coconut tree or the great feeling of warm wind slightly b...

Small paintings that fit every space
Emerging Artists

Small paintings that fit every space By Janine Wixforth

You're searching for an original painting but you don't think you have enough space? Have a look at our selection of unique, small scale artworks ...

Abstract artworks that will light up your mood this January
Emerging Artists

Abstract artworks that will light up your mood this January By Janine Wixforth

The lights are out, Christmas is over and you need something to brighten your mood this January? These are this month's sunniest, abstract ARTPIQ'...

Introducing Yambe Tam
Emerging Artists

Introducing Yambe Tam By Janine Wixforth

Was there a specific moment when you decided to become an artist?It was never really a question. I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t making art...

Amazing artworks under €350
Emerging Artists

Amazing artworks under €350 By Janine Wixforth

As an emerging art collector, you become an early patron of an artists work and personally connect with a product you really believe in. So say yo...

Original artworks that you can finance
Emerging Artists

Original artworks that you can finance By Janine Wixforth

You'd love to own an original painting, a large eye-catcher to center your living room but your current budget doesn't allow it? We know the strug...

Why figurative art is the little black dress of the art world
Emerging Artists

Why figurative art is the little black dress of the art world By Janine Wixforth

With ever more overlapping styles and genres on the market, it is sometimes hard to decide which style you want to go for when buying art. There a...

5 abstract painters to watch
Emerging Artists

5 abstract painters to watch By Janine Wixforth

No contemporary art museum, art fair or important masters auction can go without abstract painting. The next generation of artists exploring the ...

Introducing Bislacchi
Emerging Artists

Introducing Bislacchi By Arron Westbrook

At what point in your life did you realise you wanted to become an artist? Well that was a crucial moment in my life, which I still bear in mind. ...

Introducing Jingwen Li
Emerging Artists

Introducing Jingwen Li By Katharina Wenzel-Vollenbroich

Which living artist inspires you the most? The greatest inspiration for me in recent years is my professor, Jiao Xiaojian. He is an artist who has ...

Introducing Juliet Bryant
Emerging Artists

Introducing Juliet Bryant By Katharina Wenzel-Vollenbroich

You have several videos on YouTube, where does the inspiration come to make one of these? It usually starts when I hear a song or a poem. I'll alm...

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