5 abstract painters to watch

Emerging Artists
By Janine Wixforth
5 abstract painters to watch 5 abstract painters to watch
No contemporary art museum, art fair or important masters auction can go without abstract painting. The next generation of artists exploring the endless possibilities of abstraction are already getting off the starting blocks. We show you 5 of them. 

Sin Park, graduate from the Royal College of Art in London, develops her works from a spontaneous succession of movements without preconceived rules or conceptions of the image composition. The created landscapes are part of a communication process in which she takes the viewer into a strange world where beauty and destruction are miraculously in harmony.
Goia Mujalli also graduated from the Royal College of Art in London. Her works are recognizable through her idiosyncratic erasing technique in which she paints layers of acrylic paint on top of each other while extinguishing parts of the layers with water. In this way fluent patterns of repeating motifs emerge.
Born and raised in Leipzig, Germany, Lars Kreyßig graduated from the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne. His short films and photographs have received international attention and he relates some of his work to Concrete art. His current practice mainly includes technically savvy, minimal line drawings that give a hint at his film and photography background. 
Danish painter Sif Norskov  has recently completed her Masters degree at the Royal College of Art. With depicting nearly recognizable she works on the borders of the abstract field giving rise to an organic quality that is supported with layers of thin and thick paint and fine lines of sewing on canvas. 
Terence Dynes graduated from Central Saint Martins London and is inspired by the contemporary urban environment: from the city to flows of people, their proximity to each other to the surrounding architecture - his experimental approach to painting, using materials from the construction industry gives rise to his very own painterly language.
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5 abstract painters to watch 5 abstract painters to watch

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