ARTPIQ Summerhouse 2018

By Janine Wixforth
ARTPIQ Summerhouse 2018 ARTPIQ Summerhouse 2018

The Aritpiq Summerhouse is a celebration of new and emerging artists from around the world. It is an independent event - hosted by online platform Artpiq - where artists will attend a residency in an inspiring rural farmhouse close to Düsseldorf. For 3-4 weeks during August 2018, artists will stay, create, and collaborate in a summerhouse with fellow artists.

Why have Artpiq created the event?

We want to provide a space for our artists to create work in a new, inspirational environment. Artists throughout history have thrived with a change of scenery - think Van Gogh in Normandie and Manet in Paris. It is also an opportunity to meet other Artpiq artists and exchange ideas. Artists will engage in a group environment that promotes collaboration. But ultimately, it is an opportunity to let artists do what they do best - be creative - without the stresses of travel, accommodation, and food expenses.

Why Düsseldorf?

Düsseldorf is a fountain of emerging art with its world renowned Kunstakademie. It has also produced some of the world’s leading artists. From Beuys to Gursky, Bernd and Hilla Becher to Candida Höfer, Düsseldorf is an artistic powerhouse. Artpiq itself is based in Düsseldorf too, and we think it would be a great experience to get to know each other better.

At the end of the Summerhouse we will exhibit the works created during the residency, providing a platform for the artists to meet new collectors and potentially sell their works.


The Theme

The Summerhouse will fall under one overall theme: Water. Artistically water has been interpreted in countless different ways. From Monet to Hockney, it is a theme that has remained influential in the art world. In today’s sphere, it remains hugely relevant, uniting topics such as climate change and spirituality.

It further connects the local context of Düsseldorf with the Rhine - a river that has served as inspiration for many artists, such as Andreas Gursky and Gerhard Richter.

How many people will be involved?

6 artists selected from the Artpiq family for their technical excellence, vision, and potential. Additionally, one space will be given to an artist that is not yet on Artpiq but is interested in becoming part of that family.

What Artpiq provide

Accomodation, food, material, transport, and organized visits of local art institutions.

Who can participate and how?

  1. All artists with an art school background and a portfolio of past and current works
  2. Submit a drawing in which you interpret the topic of water in your own style
  3. Submit a short video in which you explain your ideas behind the drawing
  4. Artists who are not yet on Artpiq please additionally submit your portfolio

        Our jury is made up of the Artpiq team, as well as one guest juror (to be announced soon). Winners will be announced within one week of the deadline, which is the 15th May, 2018. Please submit all applications to

        Participants that aren’t successful won’t have drawn for nothing. All the submitted drawings by Artpiq artists will be marketed online and sold as a special “Artpiq edition” on our platform.

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        ARTPIQ Summerhouse 2018 ARTPIQ Summerhouse 2018

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