Top artists to follow on Instagram

By Janine Wixforth
Top artists to follow on Instagram Top artists to follow on Instagram

We show you 10 of our favourite accounts that you should follow this year to stay on top of the up and coming contemporary art scene: 

1. Donna Huanca 

Who: Donna Huanca lives and works in Berlin and is represented by Peres Projects. Her work has become recognized for its understanding of the body, and the questioning of accepted systems of knowledge. 

Feed in 4 words: delicate, skin, performative, earthy 

Instagram name: @ruaminx


2. Andy Dixon 

Who: Musician and artist Andy Dixon gained prominence as a member of the North Vancouver punk rock band d.b.s. and has recently exhibited his paintings with Beers London.

Feed in 4 words: Sumptuous, still life, flamboyant, vivacious

Instagram name: @andy.dxn


3. Ed Broner

Who: Ed Broner studied art at the Academy Charpentier in Paris and moved to Berlin to focus on painting and photography that he uses as his personal diary. Works by Broner have been shown at the Palais de Tokyo, Paris. 

Feed in 4 words:  urban, abstract, wild, Berlin 

Instagram name: @ed.broner


4. Jessie Makinson 

Who: Jessie Makinson is a London-based artist and graduate of the Edinburgh College of Art and the Royal Drawing School. She is represented by Lyles & King gallery. 

Feed in 4 words: fairytale, uncanny, playful, figurative

Instagram name: @jessie_makinson


5. Allison Zuckerman

Who: Allison Zuckerman turned from Gallery assistant to emerging art darling and has been described as the fastest rising star at Art Basel Miami. She opened her first solo museum show at the Rubell Family collection in 2017. 

Feed in 4 words: witty, bold, masters, collage

Instagram name: @allisonzuckerman


6. Daisy Parris 

Who: Daisy Parris graduated from Goldsmiths in 2014. She currently lives and works in South London. Parris’ work is characterized by an occupation with the struggles of human identity & gender. 

Feed in 4 words: violence, texture, existential, destructive

Instagram name: @daisyparris


7. Diamond Stingily

Who: Diamond Stingily is an American artist and poet who lives and works in New York City. Her work has been shown at the New Museum, New York and combines aspects of iconography and mythology as well as identity and childhood. 

Feed in 4 words: Personal, real, play, politics

Instagram name: @lilboosieplaycousin


8. Christina Quarles 

Who: Christina Quarles is an American, LA based artist known for her abstract paintings dealing with topics of racial, sexual identities and queerness. She is represented by Pilar Corrias gallery.

Feed in 4 words: body, fragments, vibrant, ambivalent

Instagram name: @cequarles


9. George Rouy

Who: George Rouy has studied at the Camberwell College of Art and currently lives and works in London. In contrast to an explicit narrative, he transmits a perception of the outer and his inner world into his otherworldly characters.

Feed in 4 words: seductive, hazy, fantastic, mythical 

Instagram name: @georgerouy 


10. Petra Cortright 

Who: Petra Cortright is an American artist based in Los Angeles who is well known for her video works presented on YouTube and in galleries. Among others, her works have been shown at the New Museum, New York and the Venice Biennale. 

Feed in 4 words: intimate, mundane, digital, florid 

Instagram name: @petra_cortright 

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Top artists to follow on Instagram Top artists to follow on Instagram

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