Artist Interview: Juliet Bryant

By Katharina Wenzel-Vollenbroich
Artist Interview: Juliet Bryant Artist Interview: Juliet Bryant

You have several videos on YouTube, where does the inspiration come to make one of these?

It usually starts when I hear a song or a poem. I'll almost automatically visually interpret a story to the music in my mind. Then I'll obsessively replay it - mentally adding more detail to it. Then it will get to a point where I've imagined so much of it, I'm compelled to physically make it. And then when it's made its like a sense of relief - until the next one. I'm not entirely sure how healthy this is.


What are some of your favourite galleries in London?

White Cube in Manson's Yard

Howard Griffin Gallery in Shoreditch

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What was the best thing about living in Sydney?

The coast. 

You are writing a TV series, will this relate to any art work you have done or are currently working on?

The series is centred around grief and each of us process it and behave. How the sheer experience of living, connects us to each other and how we share the inevitable part of that experience - death.  In my painting, I wash out and overlay a lot of colours, to create this sense of depth. The transitions of colour could be seen to represent the transitions in emotions whilst grieving. I think its very easy to get lost in a memory of someone that may have left you, equally I think I make it easy for an audience to get slightly lost in my work, because it so layered without being too harsh and dictative.

When you were younger you studied textiles, how, if at all does that impact your work today?

It definitely set the foundations to following a creative process from the research / inspiration to something physical being created. It taught me to not be afraid experiment with different media. And the garment construction side of it, taught me discipline and how to figure out a piece of work that I wanted to make, in a technical yet creative way. 


What is your favourite medium to create in?

Film, Water Colour, Acrylic (i can't choose one!)

What type of music are you into? 

As vague as it sounds, I think I can appreciate any kind of music. At the moment, I'm listening to Rhye, Kevin Morby, Cut Worms, Little Simz, King Tuff, La Femme and The Preatures

What is one of the best things about being an artist in London?

I find the volume of creatives here amazing. Its nice to be surrounded by so many. That there are so many groups, events and spaces available to share. 

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Artist Interview: Juliet Bryant Artist Interview: Juliet Bryant

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