Interview with Sophie Neuendorf, artnet

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By Katharina Wenzel-Vollenbroich
Interview with Sophie Neuendorf, artnet Interview with Sophie Neuendorf, artnet

We are delighted to announce that Sophie Neuendorf, Vice President of Partnerships at artnet, is now Boardmember at ARTPIQ. Besides this, Sophie will be in the committee of nominating the artists that will be participating in this year’s ARTPIQ Summerhouse

We've asked for her opinion on the greatest success factors and challenges of emerging artists in today's transient art world. 

Your father is a well-known art dealer and has represented several key figures, like Andy Warhol, Cy Twombly, David Hockney, etc. - how has growing up with this shaped the way you look at art?

Art, whether Old Masters, Modern, Contemporary or Church Frescoes, has always been a part of my life, thanks to my father. Growing up with him has definitely taught me an appreciation for art and cultures around the world, and made me curious for differences in how art is appreciated and shapes nations.

Who’s your favorite emerging artist? And why?

That is a very difficult questions, a bit like asking for a favorite book. There are simply too many, though at the moment I am very interested in the photographic work of German artist Julia Leeb. It's very topical, exploring the life and treatment of women in areas of conflict.

Is there any particular type of emerging art that has consistently attracted you? 

No, not particularly. I usually am attracted to art that has a deeper meaning and tells a story of our culture as it is today - perhaps the idea is to have something for posterity.

There are a lot of young artists. What differentiates the extraordinary artist from the “world-star”? 

I believe that a lot of luck is also involved there, and perhaps a talent for marketing; such as Hirst and Koons have shown.

As Global Director of Partnerships at artnet you’ve been in touch with a lot of art related issues - what do you believe is the greatest challenge for young and upcoming artists in today's art market? 

Honestly, I believe the greatest challenge is for artists to overcome the transience of today's world. Most people don't really know how to focus on something long enough and to appreciate it enough to invest time and money it. Being able to hold the public's attention long enough to forge a career, that's the challenge.

Overcoming this challenge: what do you believe are the 3 factors that build the base for a successful career as a young artist?

Passion, perseverance, faith.

You have the perspective on the art market in New York, Berlin, and London- how do you see emerging artists within these different scenes? Where do you believe emerging masters will come from in future?

Historically, emerging artists have usually moved to cities that are not very expensive. Thus, many of them currently live and work in Berlin. I believe much of our soon to be blockbuster artists will emerge from the German capital.

Artnet auctions is a significant part of artnet. Do you believe that the auction market will be a potential sales channel for young/emerging artists or do you see it as a risk for their future development as this would make it more difficult for a stable and growing price development?

Well, seeing as, in China, artists are selling via WeChat directly out of their studios, there seems to already be a trend for emerging (and in China, even established artists!) to sell their works online. At artnet, we are very passionate about artists and see it as paramount to assist them and their corresponding galleries in any way possible: global recognition, connections with collectors, and sales via artnet Auctions.



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Interview with Sophie Neuendorf, artnet Interview with Sophie Neuendorf, artnet

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