Lars Kreyßig - Artist Interview

By Christopher Larson
Lars Kreyßig - Artist Interview Lars Kreyßig - Artist Interview

ARTPIQing - Lars Kreyßig

Artist Interview – Lars Kreyßig

At ARTPIQ, understanding art isn't only about trends, styles, and colors. Understanding art is also about the artists, their motivation, their stories. That is why we feature our artists on our blog so that you can better understand them, and, by doing so, better understand their art. Below is our interview with Lars Kreyßig!

Where do you come from and where do you now call home?

I was born and raised in Leipzig, Germany – and am now (after some traveling) based in Cologne, Germany. 

Where did you study?

I’ve studied at the European Film College in Denmark and at the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne, where I graduated with distinction in 2007.

What influence did your studies have on your art?

Originally trained in film directing, I began experimenting with photography when I was at the Academy of Media Arts but came back to drawing – what I still do and what I focus on today (next to painting and a little bit of sculpturing). 

Additionally, I like to play around with different media. I also write and do some voice acting. 

Describe a little about your style and method in laymen’s terms. Your work features strong lines and hard edges – how did you develop this style? What draws you to this particular way of expressing yourself?

For some reason I like the simplicity of a straight line – and always have. My mother was a technical draughtswoman. I loved watching her at work and the materials she used - like different stencils, rulers, various pens. Back then these were all original drawings on transparent paper. And I’m sure this influenced my work a lot. 

You also have a number of works that are monotone. Why exclude color? What is your thinking behind that?

I think that there is nothing more pure than a black line on white paper – aesthetically speaking. You are right: I first focused on the simplicity of black on white repetitive line and dot drawings but more and more allow myself to use color in my work, still in a repetitive, meticulous manner.

ARTPIQ - Lars Kreyßig

Who are some of your favorite artists that you look up to (either from the past or contemporaries, or both)? Why?

I get inspiration from all kinds of artist and art. I just watched a documentary about Miriam Cahn – and found her fascinating as a person - very inspiring. Also the Scottish painter John Byrne – what a great character. But I also love Japanse architecture and minimal techno. If I have to name three artists that influenced me a lot – that would be: Piet Mondrian, Miró and Georgia O’Keeffe. Unfortunately both the work of Mondrian and Miró have been reproduced far too much. I was lucky enough to see their work in original though. It is fantastic.  

What would you tell an up-and-coming artist that wants to make art their career? 

Keep on going. It’s a very long way. Believe in yourself. Basically that’s what I’m telling myself every day :) 

What are your plans for the future? Do you see yourself continuing to work in this same style or do you ever feel the need to change things up?

I wish I could answer that. I guess the style will not change drastically. But I’m not sure. I’m working on different pieces at the moment – so let’s see. By the way: If there’s anyone interested in showing my work publicly – please get in touch :) 


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Lars Kreyßig - Artist Interview Lars Kreyßig - Artist Interview

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