Billy Parker

Based London, UK
Billy Parker


My paintings are a representation of a short, intense period where I use everything in my immediate vicinity to construct the content of my work. I can’t really say what my work is currently about. This is due to the fact that I view my work not as a way of depicting or representing thoughts and ideas, but instead using it as a tool for thought. I use it as a way of thinking. However, my influences rely heavily on the theatrical, late gothic/early renaissance art, contemporary pop culture and my everyday life. I work predominantly in the area painting but my work frequently spills out into its surrounding environment, combining painting with installation, sculpture, music and performance. I enjoy working within the tensions between different areas of my artistic practice. 

When painting, I work in flat layers of acrylic built up to create an image. The content of my painting’s shifts depending on my mood, thoughts, surrounding and influences. Repetition and instinctive colour combinations conjure layers in my paintings, yet by juxtaposing imagery, I deftly split these up whilst remaining in two dimensions. I am constantly looking beyond the paintings into the environment in which they exist. It is here where I infuse my practice with theatrical, performative and installative elements. I frequently use theatrical lighting, participatory performance and music to this sense of environment.

I am currently studying BA Painting at The Slade School of Fine Art.

  • Achievements & Goals

    • To be a self-sustaining artist
  • Genre & Style

    • Early naughties pop culture and seventies disco interior design
    • Aiming to produce non-heavy, fun pieces
    • Using flat layers of matte acrylic colour
  • Inspiration & Vision

    • Paris Hilton
    • Uggs
    • Disco
    • Gemma Collins
  • Sales & Trajectory

    • No external funding for my work
  • Technique & Material

    • Acrylic paint do to the flat mattress
    • Make work that will be installed with other paintings, sculptures, music, and performance


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